Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sister Time! {pic heavy]

The Sister Photo Shoot for Etsy

Photography by Skylar Barger 

Skylar, Jenny and Me. :)

 We made Jenny dance like she was at a sock-hop...

We had such fun, if you can't tell. ;)  I love my sisters!

I hope you had a great weekend, too. :)


p.s. all of these articles of clothing will be listed in my Etsy shop, in case you see anything you like...:D


A.J.A. said...

Sister time! I'm jealous! I miss my sissies (I have 5 that live faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away.) I'm glad you had a fun day with yours! :)

Bessie M. said...

I miss my sisters too--and they only live 45 minutes away! You have almost as many as I do (I have 6). Living farther away from them has really made me realize how precious they are to me. I'm sure you've found the same thing!