Friday, April 27, 2012

Happenings In The Garden

My little seedlings are growing up!





 Lavender buds

 Daylilies--a gift from a friend of ours last year.  They are really thriving this spring!

 The herbs are coming back after their "haircut" a few weeks ago. 

 Lemon Balm

 I have protected my sunflower sprouts with a hedge of salt.  Seems to be working...the snails haven't attacked in a while...

 Moss Roses (with a spider web)


 Skylar's Basil

My hollyhocks are looking amazing, and today I found some buds on them!!!  I planted these last year, so this will be the first bloom.  I am really excited to see what they look like!

We even have some sort of squash growing in the compost pile. :)

How are your gardens growing? 


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andreak said...

I am jealous. Everything looks so green and pretty. No gardening for us this year, since we are trying to finish the barn and we have two graduate. Looking forward to some possible fall planting, but I figure it will be next spring.