Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some Poetry

A little something I wrote a while back.  Enjoy, and happy Sunday!


A Woman's Heart

The heart of a woman
Is like a tender rosebud
Whose delicate petals
Are tightly shut
How she longs to blossom!
And she will, in time
With a little patience
With a little care
Slowly her heart will open
And blessed is he
Whose fortune it is to inhale her scent
And behold her beauty
For it has been saved
Especially for him


Monday, November 22, 2010

Jenny's Dress, Cute Siblings, and Goaties

So I am almost finished with poor Jenny's dress.  I was able to complete most of the construction before leaving to record last weekend, and now only need to make a couple fit adjustments and hem it.  Hooray!  

Jenny and I are the same size, so I decided to model the unfinished dress for you.  Forgive the crazy angles and hat--it was early, and I was having a bad hair day. ;)

 The front: still needs some buttons and is pinned in a few places.  I really love the pockets and front pleat on this dress.

The back: sorry for the twisty-ness!  The back skirt has three panels, in case you cannot tell from this pic.  

 Ok, you can't really see the dress in this one, but I like how it turned out. ;)

This dress definitely needs a belt.  Without it is a bit, um, enlarging.  With the belt, it looks super classy.

 So on to the siblings and goats!

Yesterday Cael, Josh, Esme and I hung out with Dean and Truitt for awhile.  We had such a great time--especially Cael.  See how happy he was?

Beautiful Esme.

Cael wanted to sit in the hay.

Flint really wanted to join the party, but I was afraid that he would not be polite to the goats.  So he watched us play rather sadly from the other side of the fence.  If I were a dog person, I would probably feel bad for him.  However, seeing as I am not, and seeing as he and Claude decided to rip open a fly trap that was hanging in the yard yesterday and eat the nasty, death-smelling innards and get it all over their fur and smell up the whole back of the house, I do not feel particularly sympathetic.

Esme, Truitt, Dino

Cael got something in his shoe!

Goats are so wiggly--I don't know how anyone ever manages to get a good picture of one.  This is the best face-on pic I could get of little Truitt.  Cutie.

Kind-of a weird pose, but I thought this showed off Dean's lovely coat nicely.  I cannot wait to shear him in the spring and see what kind of yarn comes of that beautiful fiber!

That is it for today.  Gotta work on some pillows tonight, and then get ready for Thanksgiving!  Sky and I are in charge of the cooking, so we have a lot of prep to do over the next couple days.  I can't wait. :)

Have a fantastic day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Being Home

I love being at home. :)

Today John and I decided to do a still life.  He picked out four pretty little apples and placed them in a line on the kitchen table.  John was so good as to share his colored pencils with me. :)

John and I talked about how shadows worked.  He did a great job on his first shadow attempt, and was very excited to learn something new about drawing.

My finished product--I like it. :)

John's almost finished product.  Note the crinkles--he didn't like the way the third apple turned out (it was too "wownd")

Instead of beginning another apple drawing, John made a really cool picture of a wiener dog. 

Ok, off to work on Jenny's dress! Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Music music music!

Davis and I are going to see the amazing Sufjan Stevens this weekend.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

Hooray for good music, right? :)

Speaking of music, Davis and I are also getting ready to go record our first album of songs next weekend at Iron Wing Recording Studios.  The studio is owned by some good friends of ours, and we are super excited to visit and record with them.  We are hoping to have CDs available sometime in the spring.  Yay!  Another exciting aspect of our recording project is that we will be donating 100% of our profit from CD sales to a local organization called Calvary Children's Home.  As neither one of us is looking to make money from our music, one of our main goals is to use our musical gifts to bless others--both aesthetically and monetarily.  Davis and I are both very fond of children and children's ministry; Calvary Children's Home seemed like a perfect fit. :)

So I think that about sums it up for now!  I have vowed to finish Jennifer's dress THIS WEEKEND.  Poor Jenny--she is so patient and wonderful with her disorganized big sister!  I'll post pics as soon as it is finished.

Have a fantastic day!