Saturday, November 6, 2010

Being Home

I love being at home. :)

Today John and I decided to do a still life.  He picked out four pretty little apples and placed them in a line on the kitchen table.  John was so good as to share his colored pencils with me. :)

John and I talked about how shadows worked.  He did a great job on his first shadow attempt, and was very excited to learn something new about drawing.

My finished product--I like it. :)

John's almost finished product.  Note the crinkles--he didn't like the way the third apple turned out (it was too "wownd")

Instead of beginning another apple drawing, John made a really cool picture of a wiener dog. 

Ok, off to work on Jenny's dress! Have a great weekend!


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Austin said...

I love image #2 and #4. I think it is great how you invest in your family and help your brothers and sisters expand their minds and engage God's creation with their hands. You are a woman of many talents.