Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Little Dragon :)

Hello All!  Just wanted to share a little project I've been working on this week.  It is a birthday gift for my brother John, who REALLY loves dragons. ;)  

So far I have the whole body completed.  Now I am working on the wings, and lastly I will fasten on the ears.  He's pretty cute, isn't he?

You can download the pattern here for free, in case you were wondering! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two More Days of Savings...

We are down to the last couple days of our Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale at Bessie Miller Vintage!  

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY20 for 20% off your entire order!  

We just posted some lovely antique quilts, new patterns, and a plethora of tacky vintage Christmas sweaters...:D

Stop on by! 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lipstick, anyone?

The ladies over at Brentwood Lane are hosting a fun giveaway this week for a tube of Tangee Lipstick!  You should check it out here

Lipstick giveaways are not the only thing that makes the Brentwood Lane blog awesome.  The blog is written by three sisters who love vintage and write about their sewing projects and fashion inspiration.  I always enjoy reading their posts, and I have a feeling you would too. ;)

Have a lovely afternoon!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun New Stuffs--And A Special Coupon!

At long last, I have finally added some new items to my Etsy shop!  

We have loads of new sewing patterns... a bunch of great tacky Christmas sweaters.


Oh, and a couple sweet vintage dresses.  

AND two awesome vintage coats--one of which I am having a very hard time selling (because I want to keep it!). 


You should swing by, especially since I am offering my blog followers 15% off order!  Just use coupon code BLOGGIN15 !


Friday, November 16, 2012

A Quilt for Evvie

Between being tired and sore and busy and losing my camera a few times, I haven't gotten around to blogging much this fall!  Ah well.  When I started this blog, I promised myself that I would blog as I liked, and never feel guilty about a lapse in writing.  ;)  

I am now entering the last month of my pregnancy.  Whew, that is so hard to believe!  And let me tell you, the weeks seem to be going by very slowly, due in part, I think, to the fact that I have been extremely uncomfortable lately.  This baby is getting bigger by the day, but I am not necessarily growing that much, so she is just shoved up under my ribs.  Ouch!  They keep telling me I'll forget all about it once she is here, though.  I'm sure I will.  I just wish she was coming a little bit sooner!

Anywho, I wanted to share a project I have been working on lately: a quilt for the baby.  I downloaded this amazing free nursery rhyme quilt embroidery pattern from  There are twelve embroidered squares, which I will surround with scrap cottons from my stash.  I think it is going to be pretty adorable!  By the way, in case you didn't know, has a bunch of wonderful free vintage embroidery patterns available for download. :D

I have finished three squares as of this morning.  Nine more to go!  I think I will work on Little Red Riding Hood next...

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely November!