Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1940's Style Swimsuit--the project has begun!

Oh yeah. :)

I decided to make a test garment from some cute cotton that I found at a thrift store.  I figured I'd go all out and line it and everything, that way if it fit well I could actually wear it.  Hehe.

Today I worked mainly on the bikini top.  


This is the underside of the bra.

And the top stitching.  :)

The *almost* finished product--still needs some buttons and buttonholes.

Pardon the twisted strap.  Whoopsie. :)

Also pardon the fact that the top is kinda twisted here.  Whoopsie again.  But you get the idea, right?

I have started on the bottoms--got the fronts finished this evening. 


Putting elastic into front elastic casings (these go right down the middle of the shorts--see pattern envelope). 

Lovin' it so far.  What do you guys think?



Sarah Elaine said...

This looks great! will the bottoms have a zipper or buttons?

Bessie M. said...

Hello Sarah,

The bottoms actually have lace-up sides--no zippers or buttons!

sorbetsurprise said...

What a fabulous pattern and your bikini top looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

A.J.A. said...

Very cute! I am working on a vintage style bikini right now too. The top of yours is just adorable!

andreak said...

Well that is just adorable!

Fräulein.Perlon said...

wow, the bikini looks realy realy adorable

Heather Lou said...

I want to start something similiar in the next week or so. The only problem with cotton bathing suits (from vintage experience) is that they are a nightmare when wet. I find "fabric" suits better suited to sunbathing than actual bathing. Do you think this pattern would work with a more traditional bathing suit tricot?