Thursday, May 27, 2010

Things that I love

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings..."

Antique pitcher and flatware. I found this lovely pitcher at my favorite antique store a few months ago. The price tag was missing, so I brought it up to the counter to check the price. Most pitchers like this one were going for between $25-$35, so I was very pleasantly surprised when the man at the counter quoted me $4.95! Yes please!

Drop spindle and beautiful wool. Sometimes I think I prefer the drop spindle to the wheel! It's so much more portable. :) It feels so good to twist the fibers into thread with your own two hands.

Little Women. If you have not read this book, read it. The movies are all pretty good, but not one of them truly captures the heart of Louisa May Alcott's story. This is my favorite book. Ever.

Little Cael. So darling. Even though he is a grumpy-pants, I love him dearly.

"Meh-eh-eh-eh-eh!" (Yeah, yeah. I'm a crazy goat lady. I know.)


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