Sunday, May 23, 2010

Georgia Summer

Although summer has not "officially" begun, it certainly feels like it down here in Georgia. The temperature flew up to the low 90's today, and with all of the rain we've had over the past several weeks, the air is just humid and sticky and gross. This weather will go on for the next 4-5 months. Oh joy. :p

Obviously summer is not my favorite time of year.

I try to like it, I really do. Every year I think to myself, I'm just going to enjoy summer this year--I'll spend a lot of time outside, and go to the pool, go biking and hiking. It'll be fun! Every year I try this for about two weeks, and decide that it is a much better idea to stay indoors and pine away for fall. Yes, I know I was recently pining away for spring. What can I say--the grass is always greener, right?

As much as I hate loathe despise dislike summer, there are a few pretty wonderful things about it that I was reminded of this afternoon as I strolled with the camera and a few thousand mosquitoes through our beautiful yard. Rather than tell you about it, I'll show you with the pictures I took. :)



John's Garden (peas and marigolds) :)

And my favorite... HYDRANGEAS.


Goat update!

Dean and Jerry are growing and changing a lot lately. Dean more so than little Jerry, who, true to his namesake, is a bit of a shrimp. Dean’s coat is coming in just beautifully, and is very soft and curly. It started curling up around his face and ears, and the curl has now spread about half-way down his stomach. Jerry has a little curl about his face, as you can see in the picture where he is eating my shorts. J For such a scrawny little guy, Jerry certainly likes to eat. Here he is eating the lens cover for my camera:

I’d always heard that goats will eat just about anything, and I am now seeing that it is absolutely true. At least they only have one row of teeth!

I trimmed their hooves for the first time the other day, and boy let me tell you, it was quite an ordeal. I felt like the biggest jerk of a goat-owner in the whole universe for not trimming them sooner, for their little hooves were very overgrown and cracked. This can be very painful for them. Bad Bessie! I apologized profusely as I held them still, raised their little feet up, chipped off the dirt and muck, and clipped the old, yucky hoof away. The boys were very noble, and I took their patience and compliance during the two-hour (I’m a novice, ok?) process as a sign of forgiveness. They have been very happy ever since hoof-trimming day, and seem to feel quite refreshed and invigorated. Poor little buddies.

The hoof care supplies I ordered from Hoegger Goat Supply. I ordered the hoof care kit, which included a little booklet on goat hoof care, some nice orange-handled clippers, a hoof plane, a hoof pick/brush, and Hoof n’ Heel (a topical antibacterial that fights and prevents hoof rot and such). I loved everything in the set except for the hoof plane. My goats are so small, and their hooves so delicate, I found the hoof plane to be a little too harsh. To give you an idea, the plane side looks a lot like a cheese grater. I can see how this would be suitable for cows and even larger breeds of goats, but I think perhaps a hoof file would work better for my nigoras.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


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