Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heading North!

We're off! Mom, John and I left very early this morning on a special trip to pick up two new family members:




Where are Flint and Leah, you ask? Why in Wisconsin, of course! :D Why not just have them shipped, you ask? Because Mom and I (and I daresay Johnny B., too) were in desperate need of a ROAD TRRRIIIIPPPP!!!

We made great time today, traveling through Tennessee, Kentucky, and about three-quarters of Illinois. We've still got a long way to go, though--the puppies live in the northernmost part of Wisconsin, almost to the Lake Superior.

Here are some pictures of our journey so far. Please enjoy, and keep us in your prayers for a safe trip!


Tennessee Mountains

John with a tasty gummi worm from Cracker Barrel...yummm.

Perfect traveling music. Perfect anytime music, really. ;)

I brought along some Chesterton and some embroidery to work on. The embroidery pattern is an iron-on transfer from the 30's--super cute. One day it will be a super-cool pillow. :D

Beautiful Farmland...sigh.

Johnny B. in the driver's seat!

John took a picture of me. :)

It took us a while, but we finally happened upon a Starbucks in northern Tennessee. Hooray!

We stopped at a lovely rest stop just inside of Kentucky for lunch. John made an apple bunny out of his apple (duh) and a broken plastic spoon. In case you were wondering, those bites are its eyes.

After lunch, John and I ran around and played "tag the tree." John beat me almost every time...

I was sorely tempted to stop at the infamous Hancocks of Paducah...but I refrained. It would be too tempting, and I really don't need any more fabric right now...

Once in Illinois, we noticed many vast fields full of these amazing yellow posies. Often, they seemed to be planted in resting corn fields. Wonder what they are?

We finally found a cozy place to stay for the night. It was just about time, too--we had been driving for about 11 hours, and were quite exhausted. Notice the amazing sunset behind the hotel?

Another view of the sunset--pardon the yucky lights and signs.

We ate across the street at Red Wheel Restaurant. Although the sign advertises pancakes and steaks, the menu was actually quite extensive. They served everything from taco salads to Greek gyros to pancakes to hamburgers. Very interesting place, to say the least. :p

That is that! Now I must go and rest up--we have another long day of driving ahead of us. Goodnight!



Sabrina said...

Ooh, I'm jealous! I'm another Georgia girl in need of a road trip! The puppies are adorable. They must be special to drive that far to get them - are they bird dogs?

Sarah said...

Bessie! This is Sarah. :) I just read your entry and e-mail to the rest of the Fam. We're so glad you're blogging the trip! Great idea.
We miss you and love you guys!

Sarah, Sylvie, Esme, Eli and Cael

Bessie B. said...

Sabrina--yes, they are bird dogs! And quite special. :) What is it about Georgia that fuels the road trip need? ;) Being waaaay too close to ATL, that's what.

Jennifer said...

I missed you guys, and I'm SO glad that you're home!!! :D