Sunday, May 9, 2010

Road Trip Update: Day 3 in pictures (with comments) :D

Day Three
John enjoyed the snow and just had to play in it a bit before we left the hotel.

Did I mention Wisconsin is an amazingly beautiful state? This was taken outside of Wausau. Mom and I have decided we'd like to live in Wausau. ;)

More Wausau


We stopped at our first Culver's restaurant in Wausau--it's our new favorite! Yum. :)

Culver's had reeeaaalllly good coffee.

Leaving Wausau. Sniff.

John with his new dragon doll, Herman.

John took some pictures of me with Herman...

This was taken right after we picked up little Judy in Madison. She's the speckled one on the far left.

We stopped at another Culver's in IL. This was taken in the parking lot--it was surrounded on all sides by rolling crops. Sigh!

Windmills in IL
We enjoyed Culver's so much that we brought a little souvenir. :) John named him Lucky Boy. He rode on the dash and was so good as to hold the cell phone for us.

Leah and I snuggling.

John and Flint at our somewhat-sketchy hotel. How cute!

I would elaborate more on the trip, but we are in a crunch for time and must hit the road. So enjoy pictures for now! :)


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