Friday, May 14, 2010


All I want to do right now is sew. Is that too much to ask? Is it?! For crying out loud already!

Ok, breathe in, breathe out.

This busyness is overwhelming, and there is no end in sight. Well, at least for the next several weeks there isn't. I have been contemplating running away for a couple months and not telling anyone where I am going. I've got it all planned out--I'll take Dean and Jerry, my sewing machine, a few canvases and paint, a camera, and my iPod and hit the road. Goodbye stress!

Then again, I would have such a massive number of make-up lessons to do when I returned that I would be tempted just to stay in hiding. Excuse me while I crash back down into reality land.

I am having a very difficult time being patient and contented in my circumstances right now. Funny enough, the Lord has been whispering the word patience in my ear a lot lately. Hm. Father, I will try...but I need help! Help me to appreciate right now, and change this feeling of being "stuck" into an inspiration to live life to the fullest where I am.




Marybeth said...

I totally hear you - I haven't been able to sew for a few weeks now - too many other people need my attention right now! Hope things clear up for you soon :)))

Bessie B. said...

Thanks, Marybeth--and same to you! :D