Saturday, May 8, 2010

Road Trip Update: Day 2 in pictures (with comments) :D


Illinois was beautiful and farmy, and very FLAT. It looked like this practically all the way to Wisconsin! I was seriously tempted to pull over and frolic a bit...

John decided that he would like to listen to "Take Me Home Country Roads"...on repeat. Each time the song ended he would yell "Again!" He sang along with every chorus for almost three hours straight (and for smaller chunks of time scattered throughout the day). He was having such a great time that Mom and I couldn't be annoyed. Especially when he yelled at us to "Sing it--louder!"

We also learned something new about John Denver's famous song. John informed us that it was not John Denver singing and playing guitar, but a group of rainbow-colored panthers from Texas. They all wore cowboy hats, were smiling, and were very soft. I will never listen to that song the same way. ;)

More Illinois--check out that brown dirt! So weird.

A close-up of the amazing, rich, dark brown soil. Up in Wisconsin a lot of the gravel was a reddish color, and mom and I kept shying away from it thinking that it was sticky Georgia clay. Ha!

A super-cool rest stop that had a playground! John was a happy camper.

We pulled over for gas in Rockford, IL, close to the border of Wisconsin. What a nice city! Check out the artsy welcome sign!

While in Rockford, we witnessed a Canada goose and her five babies crossing an empty parking lot. How cute!

At this point in the trip, we had heard "Take Me Home Country Roads" approximately 60 times straight. Hence the look of mild insanity on my face.

Right at the border of Wisconsin--OH MY GOSH HOW BEAUTIFUL.

Welcome to Wisconsin!

In Wisconsin we got a bit of a surprise...snow. Lots and lots of snow! John thought it was Christmas again!

A darling little mountain town in Wisconsin called Minocqua.

We stopped to play in the snow a little...:D

Soon the snow began to thicken. We laughed when we heard that it was neigh 90 Degrees back home. How crazy is that?

The pines were beautiful.

We finally arrived at our destination--a quiet little town called Mellen. The breeders were so friendly, and let us go down to the whelping box and see the other puppies. This made John very happy. :)

John had such a great time, and was such a fine boy, that Mrs. Deb (the breeder) gave him lots of candy for his ride home.

The snow got worse as the night progressed, and began to stick to the roads. Mom and I had a very treacherous journey back toward the pet-friendly hotel where we had reserved a room for the night. There were a few instances where we were afraid for our lives (such as when we merged onto the highway and couldn't see the lines on the road for the ice and snow). We ended up pulling off the exit for Tomahawk (about 20 miles north of the town we were supposed to stay in) and finding a nice little inn for the night. This is me (or my legs) walking the puppies before heading inside.


These pictures were taken once we finally got settled in for the night. We put the puppies' crate in the bathroom, and played with them for a little while before going to bed. Thankfully they were very quite through the night, and didn't make a mess in their crate or anything!



Flint again!


Huck :)

Flint and Leah playing with a towel

Huck is a little teddy bear. :)

Leah is beautiful and very inquisitive.

So that is day two, in a nutshell!


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Jennifer said...

I wish I could have been there!!! The puppies are adorable. I love them! And I love you Bessie.