Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flour Sack Towels

My Nona (grandmother) told me once that the best dishtowels she has ever owned are the ones that my Bis Nona (great grandmother) gave her as a wedding gift.  They are hand-made out of old flour sacks, cut up and embroidered around the edges.  Flour-sack towels are perfect for drying dishes as they are super-absorbent.  

Ever since Nona told me about her towels, I have searched everywhere for old flour sacks.  You can find them online, but as they are very trendy right now the prices are through-the-roof.  Well, I stumbled upon this HUGE flour sack at an antique store yesterday for only $20!  It's actually 4 flour sacks sewn together. 

So this afternoon I washed it:

Then I ripped the seams:

And then I cut each sack into 4 squares to make 16 towels:

Next step:  Press, baste & embroider! 

I'm so excited! :D


Hannah said...

I just happened to see that Target carries flour sack towels. In case you need more :)

Bessie B. said...

Really? Well whadda ya know! :D Thanks for the info!