Thursday, May 7, 2009

1950's Wrap Blouse...LOVE IT!

So I put together this fantastic summer blouse over the weekend using an old simplicity pattern from 1953 and this beautiful cotton fabric from Yuwa's "Live Life" collection.  The angle at which these pictures were taken is a little awkward (I was down the hill and my sister, the photographer, was up the hill) but I think you can get the basic feel of the blouse.  

  So far my favorite thing about this design is the shape of the front panels.  Instead of coming down diagonally in a straight line, the fronts are a bit "L" shaped, to accomodate for a woman's natural shape.  I have a wrap dress from Gap that drives me crazy sometimes (though I do love it) because the fronts cross over and get bunched up beneath my chest.  Not very flattering.  

Anway, I must log off and go to work.  Sigh.  Tis' life.  Have a glorious day!


jkubenka said...

It is very inspirational to see this type blouse made up and on a real person, not a model. I think you look lovely, and you have inspired me to make a similar wrap shirt from one of my vintage patterns.

Bessie B. said...

Thanks! I think this is one of the only patterns I've seen that actually looks as good in person as it does on the pattern envelope. ;) Hehe. I will definitely make more of these for summer!

Flowerdew Onehundred said...

I absolutely love this pattern -- I so wish it were mine, even though your copy is not my size :D

lasandrou said...

Beautiful blouse ! I love wrap clothes and your blouse is stunning ! I'll put this pattern on my must-have list .