Friday, May 1, 2009

Best Dress Ever. I mean it.

This adorably wonderful dress was finished about a month ago.   I cannot say enough about this dress.  I LOVE IT!!!

Why I love this dress:
~It sports two amazing, roomy, convenient pockets (which I lined with a cheery red kona cotton)
~The front pleats are cute and flattering
~It is very comfortable and fits like a dream
~Can be worn with or without a belt
~I can wear my boots with it
~The sleeves have an underarm lining that
 I find particularly cute and nifty
~The pattern dates back to the mid-forties---my favorite time period (as far as fashions go)

The picture was taken in Texas in early April at a groundbreaking ceremony for the Texas Baptist Men's disaster relief program.   Here we are standing with some cowboys from the Cowboy Church ministry.  L-R:  a cowboy's wife, my uncle Bob Dixon (one of the founders of the Texas Baptist Men), cowboy, my Aunt Jean Dixon, my brother Ben, Me, my sister Sarah 

I made this dress up in a pinstriped linen-look fabric with embroidered white flower bunches scattered allover.  Linen-look fabrics are just about the best thing since sliced bread---the beautiful, light-weight, organic look of linen fabric without the horrid wrinkles!  Yes, please!

It is difficult to see the details of this dress in the above photo.  I'll try and take some close-ups soon. :)

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