Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hair Woes

 Quite frankly, I am undergoing a serious case of hair envy.  

It's really very vain of me.  I mean, I have great hair --- it's healthy and a nice color and all that --- but I reeeealy wish I could make it do this: 

(the lovely Judy Garland)
Trust me, I have tried pincurling, hot irons, rag curls, massive amounts of hairspray and/or gel, but my hair simply will not hold a curl!  How would I have survived in the 40's?  There really must be some trick.  I am determined to find it out and have a wonderful 40's 'do.

Such a silly think to worry about, isn't it?  In the scheme of life, who really cares what your hair looks like for crying out loud?  

Have a fantastic Mother's Day!


lsaspacey said...

You need to Check out Casey's blog, she links to video tutorials on doing those great 1940's rolls and twists. She also tries all of these styles out on her hair too. Her blog is at

Bessie B. said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so excited! Thanks!

Moxie Tonic said...

I usually end up with a frizzy disaster instead of soft, elegant curls, but look what I stumbled across today!

The consensus seems to be that Lotta Body (I've done a fair amount of internet searching on this subject btw) is the best way to keep curls in, but I've read that its terrible for your hair too, so I've been hesitant to try that particular product.
Maybe some mousse and a bit of pomade?

kathysews said...

Try sponge rollers and don't panic if it's really srpingy when you first take it down, it realxes after a little while, roll it wet and let it dry, overnight if possible.