Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ah, biscotti.  One of my favorite treats.  This tasty Italian cookie is my best friend on lazy days, rainy days and chilly days---days when the only thing to do is cozy up in your favorite chair with a steamy mug of coffee and some fantastic literature.  Biscotti is the cherry on top of such a day.  

I am a quarter Italian on my mom's side, and as such have 
been privileged to inherit my Bis Nona's recipe f
or Biscotti, which has been passed down in m
y family for generations.  Let m
e tell you (I'm going to be a cookie snob here), you have no
t tasted biscotti until you have tasted Bis Nona's biscotti!  

I usually make a batch of biscotti on Sundays.  Today I decided to take some pictures and share the art with you (my 2 or 3 blog readers).  Don't 
get y
our hopes up, though---this recipe is TOP SECRET INFORMATION, so I won't be sharing any ingredients with you, just pictures.

Biscotti dough, kneaded and formed into a smooth ball.  Biscotti dough should be the consistency of play-dough.  Yum!

The next step is to divide the dough into two equal parts.

Roll each ball into a "worm."

Squash the "worms" flat and transfer to the baking sheet!

Take the biscotti out of the oven and slice.  Some people will serve their biscotti at this point, but it is BEST to turn the cookies over (see picture), stick back in the oven and toast for another 5 minutes or so.  Voila!

That said, I must tear myself away to make a french press.

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