Monday, August 30, 2010

Jumper: Complete

I brought my jumper along to Nashville so that I could finish it up during the 4 hour drive.  I was able to hem the skirt and finish the bodice lining in the car with no issues.  If I had brought a blouse with me, I would have worn this to the exhibit (which was wonderful and lovely and inspiring, by the way).  

I think it turned out pretty adorable!

I decided to expose the metal zipper I used rather than lapping it as the pattern directed.  

Gracious the kitty (aka Leroy) wanted her picture taken, too.

Pocket lining.  Oh yeah.  

Next project: a fall dress for Jennifer.  



SEW RED HOT said...

Hello - I've come over from Sew Retro. Awesome outfit. Its better than the pattern picture.
Can you put the pattern in your etsy shop now that you've made it. I'd love to have that dress!!

andreak said...

Your dress is adorable! I brought my daughters to the exhibit and we saw Gertie. Were you with the group of women who were dressed in vintage clothes? Great exhibit!

Maggie said...

Great looking jumper! There are so many great patterns with that type of defined waistline. You look so good in that style you should have a blast with the 50's patterns.

Bessie B. said...

Andrea--My mom and I met up with Gertie and a group of bloggers to tour the Frist. Were you part of that group as well? How crazy would that be? :)

Maggie--Thank you! Although I am partial to 40's fashion, I have had a lot of fun with patterns from the late 50's and early 60's lately. They are truly flattering and cute!