Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Math, sickness, and fall dresses

Not that I am necessarily much better at mathematics, but I feel that I am acquiring a better understanding of them.  Or the language of mathematics, so to speak.  For example, the statement "Marla is a musician and not a pianist" would be written thus in mathese:
Isn't that awesome???

Ok, you probably all remember this stuff and I'm sure not many people think it is very exciting.  I'm still not a huge fan of math, but I love learning, and I so want what I've learned to stick.  Being able to understand the language of mathematics (at least at a very basic level) makes me happy.  Let's just hope that I can continue to understand things as the course progresses.

 On another note, I am sick today and consequently feel like crap.  This happens every single time I get too busy--running, running, running and never stopping to rest.  I wake up to the next week sick.  Don't know when I will ever learn.

So I have cancelled my lessons for today and plan to stay home and sleep because that is all I really feel like doing.  Hopefully that will do the trick and this sickness will be short-lived.

On one final note, Jenny and I picked out a really pretty pattern for her dress, and have begun the fitting process.  I'll post pics as I take them. :)



Steven Maierson said...

Knowledge, victory! Package received, prepare to deploy information. Glad you're doing well with it, madam.

Sickness, failure! I've been ill myself these past couple of days, I think it has something to do with stress and other variables.

acalmspirit said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Thank you for sharing your sewing projects...they are very inspiring :)

be blessed,