Thursday, September 16, 2010

View Blog Stats!

So I just figured out that I could view my blog's stats via my dashboard.  I can check out how many page views I have had in a given week, which posts drew the most page views, which sites provide most of my traffic source, and even search keywords that most commonly bring up my blog.   How cool is that?

Well, maybe...

Wait a minute.  

Should I be depressed?


Who asks Google that type of question anyway?  Don't they know that's what magic eight balls are for? 



eveoftime said...

hah! Awkward. As it happened, my magic eight ball had broken the day before.

Your work is great and the goats are just too cute, so I came back a few times to see if there was anything new.

Can't say I was expecting to see that one.

Bessie B. said...


Hahaha! Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm pretty sure I've asked Google similar questions.;) Can't say I was expecting anyone to own that! Or to return to my blog after seeing that I had no answers to that particular question...

That said, I'm glad your search led you to my little blog, and I'm honored that you came back to check in. And I hope my post didn't make you feel badly!

I share your sentiment all the way, and wish you the best in your search for a companion. ;)