Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slowing Down

I was reading through an old journal and found an entry that was particularly convicting and inspiring.  I don't know about you, but it seems to me that life has been flying by extra fast lately...and I am pretty sure it is because I am constantly busy.  The sad thing is, a lot of the "busyness" is manufactured by myself because...well, I'm not sure why.  Why do we feel the need to fill up our schedules with things to do and places to go?  Hm.

Well anyway, I thought I'd share the entry with you, along with a cute picture of my little brother Eli.  What a darling.  Please excuse any funky grammar--I am going to present the entry exactly as I jotted it down several years ago in my journal. ;)  Enjoy!


"Come with me, together, we can take the long way home..." -Norah Jones, "Long Way Home"

I was listening to that song this morning and thinking about how much I love it.  It's like a "me" song, you know?  Given a choice, I'll always take the long way home.  It seems like this country is so fast-paced--we just want to get things done as quickly as possible and get on with our busy schedules.  I want to live a life of peace, with leisure, treasuring every moment.  It's hard to do that, but when you try it you find that it is worth every effort.  Take yesterday, for example.

I was bustling around the house getting things done, when Eli came up to me and said, "La la?" with a huge grin ("la la" means "movie").  How could I refuse the cute little guy?  So I went over and put in Fraggle Rock for him, and sat down on the floor while I waited to push play, thinking all the while of everything I had to get done as soon as he was occupied.

Well, in the midst of my thoughts, little Eli plunked himself down right on my lap and gave a contented sigh.  I though, Oh no!  Now I'll never be able to get up because if I move him he'll start crying.  The the Lord checked my bad attitude and said, Make this a treasure.  I looked down and saw Eli's tiny hands and his precious little self in my lap and my heart was filled with love, and I thought, How could I have ever neglected this before?  

I think that's what makes life last longer.  Treasuring every moment God gives you to the fullest.  

Take the long way home--you don't have to get anywhere that badly. 


Hm.  Exactly what I needed to hear today. :)  I shall take my own advice, and work harder to treasure each moment to the fullest.


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