Sunday, July 4, 2010


My sister Sarah brought out a huge bag of photos from the 90's this afternoon, and I have been looking through them and remembering a time in my life that I haven't thought of in a long while.  

Most of the pictures date back to '96, the year that Jennifer was born.  What a cute baby!  Some of the photos are a little earlier, like the ones I've posted up here.  Above is a photo taken by my father from his bike.  We were biking the trails at Calaway Gardens.  As you can see, little Susanna enjoyed a comfortable ride in the bike buggy!  

Here we are after the bike ride.  Check out my super-cool hiking boots and bike shorts!  I lived in bike shorts back then.  From L to R (and from youngest to oldest): Skylar, Susanna, Ben, Sarah, Me.

Oh!  This picture is dear to my heart because it is of me playing my precious little keyboard.  My dad bought me that keyboard when I was five years old, and it marked the beginning of my musical creativity and inspiration.  I used to play on that thing for hours and hours.  I remember the day when it finally died.  Thankfully by then my parents had bought me my lovely little Wurlitzer.  :)

Ah, memories.  



camVIS said...

1996 was a good year. I went to see an olympic baseball game. Being 10 was a good age.

Bessie B. said...

I went to the Olympic baseball game too! We went with our grandparents, as we were waiting for Jenny to be born. It was so fun.

I think I liked being ten.