Friday, July 16, 2010

A Night With the Girls

My sisters and I had a super-fun girls night tonight!  We braved the disgusting Atlanta traffic--which was particularly trying this evening--to go see one of our favorite musicals at the Fox:  The Phantom of the Opera. It was definitely worth the horrible driving experience. :)

Above is a picture of Skylar and I after the show.  The Fox is such a beautiful theater.  In my personal opinion,the Fox is one of Atlanta's few saving graces (another grace being the High Museum of Art).  Of course I quite despise the city, so I am a bit biased.  I hear that some people really love Atlanta...hrm.

I feel so blessed to have such great sisters--and so many of them!  They are all such unique, beautiful girls, too, and we have such fun together. :)

Below are a few pictures taken before the we left for the show:

(L-R) Skylar, me, and Jenny.  Skylar is wearing a little number our grandmother wore in the 1960's, plus some amazing pumps from Urban Outfitters.  Jennifer sports a lovely dress she received for her birthday a few days ago, and I am wearing a fun 1950's halter top that I whipped up last week (I'll do a post about it eventually). ;)

Skylar, Jenny and I holding Gracious the kitty.  She wanted to come to the Fox too, but did not have anything suitable to wear.

(L-R) Sarah, Susanna, Skylar, me, Jenny.

What a lovely evening!


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