Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet the Circle and Square Families

My little brother John (4) is quite the artist.  He enjoys all mediums, but it particularly fond of clay.  We have little clay duckies and octopus and monsters and dogs of his creation sitting all around our home.   Yesterday he whipped up some special gifts for my mother--a circle family and a square family.  I thought these were especially adorable and wanted to share them. :)
This is the Circle family.  Standing behind them is a very interesting (and friendly) octopus.  From L-R: Mother Circle, Father Circle, Sister Circle, Brother Circle.

This is the Square family.  From L-R: Mother Square, Father Square, Sister Square, Brother Square.  I think Brother Square is also a baby. :)1

I love John's attention to detail.  Look at the pupils and light reflections in the eyes!  And Mother Square has lips! 

Drink in the summer today!


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