Saturday, July 17, 2010

1950's Halter Top

I have been attempting to sort through my fabrics and patterns lately, and have found many a piece of forgotten inspiration.  One such piece was two yards of a beautiful home dec weight Amy Butler fabric that I had originally bought to make summer shorts.  Another such inspiration was an Advance pattern for 5 variations of a wonderful summer top.  I decided last week to put the two together and came out with this:

Probably should have straightened things out before taking the picture!  Alas. ;)  I used a sky blue metal zipper from my stash for the back.  I need to install one more hook & eye at the top--I didn't bring the zipper up quite high enough, so it looks a little funny.  

The original design was a button-front, and much shorter.  Although I love the button-front look, I think a zipper closure in the back looks much better with my fabric choice.  Buttons in the front might have made things a little too "busy".  

This pattern was super-simple to put together.  I think it took me about two hours to finish the garment, and I didn't cut too many corners (although I am ashamed to admit that I did cut a few...).  One thing I really love about this top is that it can be dressed up and down very easily.  I wore it with cropped jeans and a cardigan early in the week and with a pencil skirt and heels to the Fox last night--and it looked fantastic both ways!  Ah, I just love versatile clothing. :)

Have a fantastic weekend!


Christiana said... love it


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Wow! love the colours. So pretty!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I love the shape.

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