Thursday, February 2, 2012

The wait continues...but maybe not for long!

I am learning so much about pregnant goats.  Two weeks ago I thought I knew what to look for as signs for impending labor.  Now that I am actually seeing those signs, however, I feel silly for jumping the gun!

This is Buttercream three days ago.  See how her babies are still pretty high?

So Buttercream is really preparing to have her kids now.  Yesterday her belly dropped substantially, her ligaments that stretch from the tip of the spine to the pin bones on either side of her tail began to soften and get "mushy", and she spent the day doing a whole lot of stretching and yawning--trying to get those babies in position.  Today she looks much smaller around the middle--the babies have been positioned in the birthing canal.  I can't feel the babies anymore when I put my hand on her side.  She is still doing a whole lot of stretching, and I think she is having some contractions.  Her ligaments are now almost complete mush.

This is Buttercream yesterday.  Her belly had really dropped down.  Look how bony her hips appear!

Looking back at a couple weeks ago, I can see that I was checking things wrong, and thus miscalculated. Ah well!  Live and learn, right?

Maybe Buttercream will decide to have her babies today...whoopee!

I'll keep ya posted...


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Amy said...

I'm dying to see the babies! I wish I knew someone with baby goats.