Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Udder Changes

Ok, I apologize in advance to those of you who do not particularly enjoy viewing goat butts. ;)  Just concentrate more on the udder, which is the part that we are going to be discussing in this post. 

Irma is getting very close to having her baby.  I don't know exactly when she was bred (stupid Bessie!), so I don't have a definitely "due date", but you can tell when a doe is getting closer by physical signs, such as an udder that is getting increasingly bigger and tighter. 

Here are some pics of the progression of Irma's udder growth over the past month.  Enjoy!

January 27th: Itty bitty udder!

January 30th

February 3rd

February 5th

February 10th:  Nice and round, but not stretched or tight looking.  The udder still looks pretty hairy, even though I had recently shaved it. 

February 18th: Fast-forward eight days and we have a much tighter, less hairy-looking udder. 

February 19th: And a little bigger...

February 21st (today): Earlier today Irma's udder looked like it hadn't changed much.  However by this evening it was MUCH larger and tighter.  See how stretched it looks?  Kinda shiny?  Yep.  She has got to go soon!

Well, I hope that was interesting to at least some of you! ;)  I have been learning so much about goats lately, and things like this are just fascinating to me.  Call me crazy.

Have a lovely night!

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Chelsey said...

Hehehehe....more goat babies! I think I am as excited as you. I still need to see Hana. The kiddos have been looking at all the photos and they think she is just the cutest thing....next to Gabriel, of course :o)