Wednesday, February 15, 2012

She's Heeeeeeere!

Today Buttercream gave birth to a beautiful little doeling!  We decided to name her Hana (Hah-nah), which is Korean for "First".  Thought it was fitting...:)
Hana is light brown with white moonspots and blue eyes.  She is gorgeous!  Her ears are very angora-like--long and floppy!  She is a little fluff ball.

Here are some pictures from the exciting day!


Susanna comforted Buttercream, who had just started to push. 

The baby came out exactly right--two little hooves and a little head.  Once the head was out, she popped right out of there in a flash!  Buttercream did a great job.

This is Cael when he saw the baby for the first time.  Love his expression!

 John and Josh holding Hana...

She was up on her feet right away, very curious about this new place she was plunked out into.

I was so excited. :D

Isn't she beautiful?

So, it was an amazing day.  That is the first time I have really, hands-on experienced an animal birth, and it blew me away.  The wonder of a new life is simply breathtaking.



Amy said...

She's so precious! I want to snuggle her so much.

Austin Grigg said...

Congrats! Love the pictures, especially of Cael!

helen ethel studio said...

She's so beautiful! She's looks as if she has a smile on her face in the last two photos- so precious! Thanks for sharing. :)

Rebecca said...

Congrats to the new mommy! :D

sorbetsurprise said...

Wow I love that you got pictures of this! She looks very pretty.

Maria said...

How absolutely precious are both mum and baby! I want to cuddle them both so much.