Monday, January 23, 2012

Waiting, waiting, waiting!

Oh goodness, this weekend has been interesting!  One of my does, Buttercream, looks like she is going to be giving birth a lot sooner than I originally expected.  Yesterday she was showing signs that labor was imminent, and so I waited and watched and sat with her all day...but no babies!  I went out to check on her today, she is still baby-less.  So I guess we'll see what happens!  I am afraid to go to work--I don't want to miss the birth!

It has been so rainy lately.  Everything is wet and muddy and gross.  Usually I love the rain, but I am just about sick and tired of it right now.  Wet, gloppy mud is not the greatest factor when you are feeding animals.

My sister Jenny reminded me about ModCloth the other day, and I have been drooling over a few of their adorable dresses.  Makes me want to sew so badly!  I am having more problems with my machine.  Something is seriously wrong with my tension, and nothing I do seems to put it to rights.  Berninas are not supposed to have tension issues!  Plus, I just took it in for a tune-up a few months ago.  This is ridiculous.

Well, if I ever get my machine up and running again, here is a little bit of what has been stirring my soul lately, fashion-wise:

Off to check on Buttercream!  Hopefully I will have goat baby pictures to share very soon...



Hazàel M. said...

I love the 1920's! I've always loved the flapper dresses and the other dresses they wore. I really wish I could find some patterns! D:

Maria said...

I found your lovely blog after spying it on the reading list of Kitty Couture. The 1920s are an absolute treasure of beautiful fashion. I really enjoy old silent films for that reason and I am looking forward to the release of "The Artist" here in Australia to see what the costume department has come up with.

Good luck with mother and baby goat! I hope mama doesn't have to wait too much longer.