Sunday, January 29, 2012


Desmond doesn't like being photographed.  Whenever he sees one of us with a camera he typically runs and hides.  

Hehehe...I tricked him into looking!

Desmond is one of our LGDs (Livestock Guardian Dogs).  He is a Great Pyrenees that we adopted from the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta in April of last year.  His foster family had goats, so we figured he would be the perfect fit for us.  He definitely has been.  

I have never been a huge "dog person", but I'll make an exception for Desmond.  He is a great guy.  Sweet, docile, obedient (for the most part), and great with both humans and goats.  

Our other Pyr, Rousseau, is a different matter.  Not that she isn't a lovely and sweet dog, but she definitely still has a lot of puppy in her and is, let us say, a bit of an attention hog.  For example, the other day I was feeding some grass through the fence to Dean and Rousseau shoved him out of the way and started eating the grass.  Now there is no way that she could have really just wanted the grass--she just didn't want me showing anyone but her any attention!  Sigh.  I know she'll grow out of it.  Hopefully...

So, I am taking another math class.  Whoop-do-doo!  This time I have actually been doing fairly well...until last night.  Oh gosh.  It was a rough night.  

So I'm on the chapter about solving all sorts of linear and rational equations.  I really don't know why it is so difficult for me!  I just can't seem to get it right--I always make some simple, stupid mistake that throws off the whole equation.  Davis has patiently and sweetly helped me with my homework, but I think both he and I are beginning to feel like this again:

Well, we can't all be good at everything, right?

I'll keep you posted on the goatees!  May be babies today!

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Steven Maierson said...

Haha, whoo!

Glad to see you're doing some school stuff along with the other litany of activities you've got going on.