Friday, September 2, 2011

Back to Wisconsin!

Remember last year when Mom, John and I adventured up north to pick up three puppies?  Well, we're at it again!  But this time are only picking up one puppy--and we have an extra passenger. :)

The puppy we are picking up this time is Lettie:

Joshua came along for the ride this time around, and we have been having a very fun time.  Today's drive was long, but easy--it definitely didn't feel like the 10 hours that it was!  We decided we would drive up to Champaign, IL and then stop for the night.  We realized that we'd driven through Champaign about ten minutes after the fact--there were no signs, no gas stations, no hotels, nothing.  It was then that Mom and I had a deja-vu.  We had done exactly the same thing last year.  Funny enough, we actually ended up stopping for the night in the same town, eating dinner at the same Red Wagon diner, and sleeping the the same motel! :D

Here are some pictures of our trip so far.  Enjoy!

Josh and John at the first rest stop.  Handsome fellas!

At the rest stop again--being goofy.

John drew a really cool picture on the way up...and then got car sick. :(

Chocolate pudding!

I kept occupied with some Sudoku puzzles.

Music for the ride!

The boys took a brief nap on the way up...

John and I. :)  

...He just wouldn't hold still! 

He told me he was trying to be funny.  Sure did end up making me LOOK funny!

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!


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