Friday, August 26, 2011


Today my dear sister and I zoomed up to Cleveland and picked up little miss Irma, Davis and I's newest goat.

As I mentioned before, Irma is 75% angora.  You can really tell, both in her fiber (long, luscious curls) and in her bone structure.  She has brown eyes, is very friendly, and is a cutie-patootie!

Irma was a little nervous at first after an overly-friendly reception from the dogs.  She decided to hang out indoors for a little while.

When we first brought her home, the boys were too busy eating to notice her.  This was very surprising to me.  I mean, I know how much goats love to eat, but I figured a lady goat would take precedent over an afternoon snack.  I guess I was wrong!

Once the boys were finished munching, they realized there was somebody new in the pen.  They both eagerly rushed inside (quite a change from the usual pushing and bribing back into the pen after grazing!), where they stood at a distance and observed their new friend for a while.  The boys kept glancing at each other and nudging each other, and seemed a bit nervous about introducing themselves.  Finally Truitt pulled himself together and came forward to meet her.  Lots of sniffing and odd sounds ensued, and Irma didn't seem to like him very much.  She expressed herself accordingly, and Truitt sulked off to eat leftover crumbs from the feeding trough.

Eventually Dean decided to have a go at it.  He took his time, slowly inching toward Irma and sniffing shyly.  She didn't seem to mind Dean quite as much--perhaps because he looked a little more familiar.  She lived with several other fluffy white nigoras at her last home that looked a whole lot like Dean.

It seems that everyone is going to get along just fine.  Right now we have Rousseau and Irma together in the new section of the pen, and the boys & Desmond on the other side.  Davis built a lovely house for Irma, which I will have to post pictures of later, once I get it all set up in the pen. (As a side note, he constructed Irma's house for under $3 using cull wool from Home Depot.  Go Davis!)

A very exciting day indeed!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. :)


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