Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Addition!

Exciting times at the homestead--next week Dean and Truitt will be welcoming a little lady into the family!  Davis and I have been working on a dividing fence for the pen for breeding purposes, and it is coming along nicely (albeit slowly!) so far.  Well, except for the fact that we just finished digging several post holes and an unexpected rain storm filled them all up with water.  Alas!  We shall be siphoning tomorrow...


My post hole--I hit a reeaaallly big rock!  There are lots of those up here.

The goats were curious about the strange holes we were digging...



Here is a picture of the new girl:

Unfortunately she is not looking at the camera in this picture.  However you can see her lovely coat!  She is 75% angora--her mother was an angora, and her father was a nigora.  I am excited to breed her to Truitt (who is purebred Nigerian dwarf) and see what happens!

In other news, my sunflowers are blooming beautifully, and my zinnias are finally starting to pop--well, the lilliput zinnias, anyway.  The giants are just about ready--I can see the big buds nestled down at the top of each stem.

My sewing machine is officially out of commission, so I haven't done much sewing lately.  Very sad!  I need to take her in to the shop, but just haven't had time to do so.  Ah well.  Eventually, eventually.

Davis being a goober (post-post hole digging today)

Well, I must off and make dinner!  Have a lovely week,


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