Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am not dead

It's been awhile!  I did not die, fall off of the end of the earth, or cease to care for my little blog.  The reason I haven't written is simple (Steven, forgive me): I lost my camera again.  Sure, I could have written, but there were so many things that I wanted to show you.  For instance:

Our new goat (another one!) Buttercream.  Her name may be changing to Frances--we are trying to decide.  Buttercream was my beloved goat Jerry's mother.  She is a lovely goat, and a proven breeder.  Her coat was very matted when I brought her home, so I had to give her quite a hair cut (which she did not appreciate).  Her winter coat will grow in soon, though, and she will regain her honor.

Irma's house, which has, unfortunately, become a favorite resting spot for our two big dogs and has consequently become a bit lop-sided and retarded-looking (excuse the expression).  Oh well.  It did look really adorable at one point in time...

The new goat house.  Davis designed and built this fantastic house for the girls.  It has a nice shelf on the inside for them to rest on, and a human-sized door on the side so that Davis and I can get in and out when we need to.  There will also be a mounting board for the girl's feeding trough on the front porch, and a mineral feeder.

Rose Hips.  I have waited very patiently for my rose hips to be ripe and ready to harvest.  I am going to (hopefully!) start some roses by seed over the fall/winter.  Apparently it is a very delicate and difficult task, so I may or may not be successful.  I am excited to try, nonetheless!  Did you know that roses grown from seed may or may not be like the parent plant?  Isn't that strange?

My sewing machine is officially at the repair shop right now, so hopefully by next week I will be able to start working on the abundance of projects that have been buzzing around in my head this month.  Hooray!!!

That's all for now!  I have an interesting post for tomorrow--it's all about 60's bulky knitting.  Pretty hilarious.

God bless!


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S. Maierson said...

Welcome back to the world of the living (does one live on the internet?!).

I understand your reasoning and all is forgiven. Carry on, intrigue and delight us once more, fair creature, with your and your husband's antics!