Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wisconsin Update

Yesterday we drove and drove and drove...and drove.....and drove....until we reached the beautiful little town of Tomahawk, WI.  We happened upon a rustic lodge, where we were able to acquire a cozy room for only $72.  Our room looked out upon the sprawling lake that the town was built around.  It was really neat!

We woke up early-ish this morning and headed west for about 45 minutes and then north for the same and finally came to our destination: Mellen, WI.  There we picked up Joshua's dear little puppy, Lettie, and visited with her family, the Beirls, for a little while.

Unlike hot, humid Georgia, Wisconsin is pretty dang chilly!  I would guess the temperature is about 55F right now, and with the wind and the rain it feels quite wintery up here.  I am loving it.  September is one of my least-favorite months because in Georgia it seems to go miserably, humidly, on for-EVER.  Here it actually feels like fall!  Sigh.

We decided to drive north about 15 miles more to Ashland to see Lake Superior.  That's where I am right now--sitting at a charming little coffee shop in Ashland sipping a tasty soy latte and uploading pictures from our trip! :D

And here they are--enjoy! :D

John drew a picture of the windmills in northern IL


Josh being goofy in our hotel room--dig the walls!

The view out of our window this morning

Hotel room

John and Josh skipping stones

Josh thought the butts bucket was real funny...

On our way to Mellen

Apples and a blue fence in Phillips, WI

Mellen, WI

John holding Lettie

John and a new litter of puppies--cute!

Lettie's litter mates really liked John

Lettie and her mom


Lettie fell asleep in the car

Lake Superior

Tap Roots Coffee Shop

Isn't it cozy?


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Hazàel M. said...

Lettie is so beautiful! I love her colour. Her dame is lovely as well -- I can only imagine that Lettie will grow into a gorgeous dog. :) Enjoy the rest of your trip! Take care!