Monday, June 6, 2011


The past few summers my sewing focus has been primarily on dresses.  Every year around March I start feeling the dress making fever creeping in again, and I end up with a bevy of very cute retro frocks by the end of August.  Dresses--ah how I love them. :) However a glance through my summer-dress-packed closet has convinced me to focus on sewing some other article of clothing for the 2011 summer season.  What is that garment going to be?  Skirts!

My wardrobe is sorely lacking in summer skirts.  I think I have two.  I need more options to pair with T-shirts and blouses for the summer season.

So this year I have been super inspired by Anthropologie's  summer skirt collection.  Check these out:

I have also been inspired by a big batch of 70's and 80's skirt patterns that I have acquired.  Especially the patterns from the 70's.  They are super-cute, and a lot of them are wrap-around, which is nifty.  Here's a sample:

Maybe not the pants or shorts, but this skirt is pretty cute!

LOVE this one.  My mother had one just like this in the 70's

Cute wrap skirt with big pockets

Littel 80's pencil skirt

Another wrap skirt from the 70's

This one is a very 50's-esque circle skirt.  Fancy a twirl, anyone?

This pattern really appeals to me.  It's just...cute. :)

I just ordered fabric to make 5 skirts with this summer from (click on swatches to go directly to the listing):
Haven's Edge Vintage CeleryNicey Jane Picnic Bouquet TangerineAntique Treasures Large Floral Tan/PinkKaffe Fassett Collective Marquee PastelCotton Blend Yarn Dyed Shirting Stripe Red/Blue/Gold

What do you think?

All of this skirt planning is what inspired me to to a Summer Skirt Sale at my Etsy shop this month.  I'm in the process of listing skirt sale patterns on Etsy as I write this, so be sure to check it out!  Remember, each and every skirt pattern in the sale section is only $2.99.  Whoop!

My best wishes for a lovely summer afternoon,


Marybeth said...

I love summer skirts, too! You can't have too many :) You have made some really pretty choices!

Julie Clark said...

Very cute! Jeana and I are together at camp and our cabin is going to be the "Far out 70's" Some of those skirts would be perfect!!

Bessie M. said...

Hey Julie! That is groovy. :D We should get together and make some!!!

helen ethel studio said...

Those are great fabrics! Especially the pastel striped one. I actually own the #8336 Jiffy pattern. It was the first vintage pattern that I purchased and the first item that I actually sewed. Unfortunately, I didn't even consider that the vintage size would be much smaller than my right off the rack size (even though I buy vintage, for some reason this didn't occur to me when buying the pattern!). I learned lots about pattern adjustments, to say the least. I ended up with a hybrid version of the 8336 Jiffy wrap! :) It isn't perfect, but it works.

I'm going to check out your skirt selection now. :)