Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skirt No. 2: Almost finished

Skirt number 2, which I have not named yet, is coming along quite nicely!  I am just in love with the fabric, Kaffe Fassett's "Collective Marquee Pastel".  There is such a beachy feel about it.   This one is also on sale right now at  Seems like all the fabric I bought at regular price a couple weeks ago is now on sale at  Funny how that works.  The pattern dates back to the 80's--1987, I think.  

I had to modify the pattern a little because of a calculating mistake on my part.  The pattern listed the amount of fabric needed for both the top and skirt together, but not individually.  So I made a guess...and guessed about 1/2 yard too little.  The adjustments were easily made; I simply omitted the side sections and placed the pockets right on top of the side seams.  

Almost ran out of fabric for the pockets!  I had to dice it up a little bit and piece it back together to make it work.  The result was a really fun look--sort of artsy.  I like it.  The pockets are absolutely HUGE.  

All that's left to do now is hem it and sew hooks and eyes on the back of the skirt band.  

When my husband gets back into town, I will have him take some pictures of me actually wearing these garments. :D  Until then, here is another shoddy picture of me modeling the skirt from behind. 

That's all for now!


p.s. Have you ever watched All Creatures Great and Small?  It is an old BBC television series based on the writings of James Herriot, country vet.  GREAT show, especially for those inclined to like British humor and 1930's culture/fashion.  I just found out that it streams on Netflix, and have been watching it all morning!


Clare said...

That's such a fun skirt, Bessie, with the fabric and the pockets!

I loved James Herriot's books as a little girl, and I noticed that the series was on Netflix just the other day. Maybe I ought to put it on a little later and curl up with some knitting. 1930's fashion? *happy sigh*

Bessie M. said...

Thanks, Clare! You really should watch the series--it is very good, and quite true to the original writings. BBC is pretty good about that. :D Anywho, I think you'd thoroughly enjoy it!

Lizzy said...

I used to have a skirt like that back in the late 80's

Penny-Rose said...

Like Lizzy I have memories of skirts a bit like yours from the late '80s, but yours is much nicer. I love the colours. Hope you are enjoying James Herriot.