Sunday, August 30, 2009

A very dumb mistake

This past Monday I received a beautiful package from containing a bundle of red corduroy and Midwest Modern lovliness. This past Monday was also my first day of online classes at Regent University. Between work, reading, writing and miscelanious other errands and tasks, I had precious little time to dig into my new fabric. I managed to get it washed and cut out over the course of a few days, and stayed up late the other night sewing it all together. It was then that I realized that somehow I had forgotton to cut out the sleeves. The piece of fabric that I had meant to cut the sleeves out of was used to cut out the pockets, collar and cuffs. Stupid Bessie!

This is what happens when you are not organized and try to do things in a hurry. I have always been an advocate of taking your time when sewing, and now I am ashamed to say that I went against my own advice and in the excitement of the new project (and lack of creative time) cost myself a whole extra yard of fabric + shipping.

Thus, I am now humbled and shall take my time and work on all the little details (embroidering my name on the inside of the coat, making buttonholes and sewing on buttons, finishing edges, etc.) while I wait for my extra yard of red corduroy from to come.

Ah well! Tis life.

The coat looks very good so far, despite the lack of sleeves. I really like it in the corduroy. I found some great buttons in my collection to use. The lining looks great, too! I'll post some pictures as soon as I get it all finished. ;)

Have a happy and blessed Sunday!

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