Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Coat Fetish

I love coats. I especially love to sew coats. I wish I lived on the north pole so that I could wear my coats all year long (not really...well, maybe Alaska).
Since I don't have any great new sewing projects to post about right now, I thought I'd share some pictures of coats that I have made over the years. Please forgive the green summer trees in the background. Just imagine brilliant fall foliage or winter snow instead!

This is one of my favorite coats that I've made. It is made from the same pattern that I am going to make that red corduroy jacket from (see this post). It is a little big on me, but I wanted to leave enough room for the bulky sweaters I like to wear. I made this out of a lovely wool melton fabric and used sherpa fleece to line the pockets and the cuffs. The corduroy version will be a little smaller and close-fitting, more of a jacket than a coat.

Obviously I am not finished with this coat yet! This is a recycled coat. I bought this old Ralph Lauren coat from a flea market for $2, ripped all the seams and cut it out again using a cute pattern from the 40's. I utilized the pockets and collar that were original to the coat. It is pretty much all put together now, though I need to line it, finish the hem and sew the buttons on. I like how it looks! I'll probably wear this a lot.

Ok, I can't take credit for this one. I know I said I was posting about coats that I made, but I am making an exception with this one. This is a coat that I found at the afore-mentioned flea market for $2. I bought it because I liked the color of the wool. I planned on disecting it just like the other one and using the pieces to make a new coat. That all changed, however, once I got home and put the thing on. Wow. It was a genuine 1980's, huge shoulder pads, tapering sleeves and body, flippy collar coat. How could I rip this apart? It looks so cool! Just thought I would share it with you. ;)

Yes, I have even made a turn-of-the-century victorian style coat. I have never and probably will never wear this out in public, but it was fun to make! I ordered the wool from Woolworths and lined it will a pretty light yellow brocade. Never did put the buttons on.

This is a classic late 1940's swing coat. I made this one out of soft, cozy fleece. The gray fleece is real thick and has a waffle texture. This coat is not quite finished yet---I still need to sew on the gray pockets and line it.

Last, but certainly not least, is another swing coat made from the same pattern as the white and gray one. I made this with a large brown wool herringbone and lined it with a pink floral brocade. I pick stitched along the front and pocket edges with some pink twist. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. You can see more pics of this coat here.
So there you have it! My mom tells me I should sell some of my coats, but I don't know if I have the heart to do it. Sigh. They do take up a lot of room in my dreadfully small closet, though...
Have a great day!


Trudy Callan said...

Great job on the coats. I haven't attempted a coat yet.

Thanks so much for your comment on my post on Sew Retro.

Paula said...

I've sewed two faux fur coats in my lifetime. The first one I loved but I gave it to charity because my boyfriend said he only liked real fur. I love coats too much to the point where it is not really practical here. The weather goes from very warm to very cold very fast so I never get much of a chance to sport my urbanite coat look. When I was young my mother would march to the store and pick the classiest, warmest most beautiful coat for me and I have never been able to hold a candle to her. When I was sixteen my parents gave me money to buy a faddish jacket that I had my heart set on. It hung on me like a bag of onions and was really tarty and cheap. But it was a learning process. I'm trying to interest my sixteen year old daughter in a more tasteful, classic style of coat. In winter the coats the thing, obviously and a lady might as well make it count. But if it gets out of hand the closet becomes a jungle you can get lost in and suffocate which describes mine right now.

Bessie B. said...


Wow, we think alike on the subject of coats! :D I'm afraid my closet looks rather like a jungle right now, too. Alas!

Thanks for stopping buy! I wish you the best of luck with your coat fettish!