Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Fashion Inspirations


1. Lovely Shirtwaist
I haven't figured out what kind or color fabric I want to use for this, but I am most definitely going to make it. Isn't it gorgeous?

2. Pocket Skirt
Have you ever seen such glorious pockets? Wow. I was thinking of making this up in a heavy-weight knit. What do you think?

3. 60's Jumper
I've never been much into jumpers, mainly because they are such a homeschooling stereotype. That has all changed, however. I watched a great old movie the other day called "The Petrified Forest" with Bette Davis and Leslie Howard. Bette Davis wore the cutest jumper and now I must have one too. This one is not the same style as Bette's, but I think it would work better in the modern wardrobe. And it has bigger pockets.

(Bette Davis. Sorry, it's the best image I could find!)

4. Wrap-around Skirt with BUTTONS!!!
Um, need I say more?
I'm thinking a big, brown plaid wool suiting.

5. Square-Neck Ruffle Blouse
I love this old McCall pattern. The other views are adorable as well, but short sleeved. I want to make a few for next summer. I think I will make two of these: one ivory and one blue.

6. Wide-lapeled Jacket
In a fabulous plaid boucle suiting (see below). I think I'll change the cuffs, though, and wear it with jeans.
Boucle Suiting Marigold White/Black/Yellow

7. 40's Coat
I am in the process of making this out of an old recycled wool coat. It looks great so far!

8. Red Corduroy Jacket
Be still, my beating heart. I love, love, love this coat pattern. I made it last year in a green wool melton (I'll have to post a pic!) and this year I am going to make it in red corduroy with Amy Butler cotton lining!

12 Wale Corduroy Red
Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies Green

And last, but certainly not least...
9. Mod Coat
*Cough* Uhm...yeah, I have this obsession with making coats.
I think this one is amazing. I am going to throw creativity out the window here and make it just like the picture on the pattern envelope. Well, plus pockets.

Will I really make all of these things for this fall?
We shall see.....

p.s. sorry I don't have the pattern names and numbers up. I am didn't think to write them all down before I butchered the scans, and I am too lazy to go downstairs and get them right now. If you see one that you are curious about, just let me know. ;)


marLou said...

Can't wait to seem your final results. They are all so lovely especially #8 and #9.

camVIS said...

Do you make mens clothing?

Bessie B. said...

I can make a man shirt! ;) Don't know about the pants, though...

camVIS said...

I'm a man. I wear shirts. Can I commission you to get a shirt made?