Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Little Chapel

Today Davis and I made a pilgrimage up to the little chapel where we were married.  :)  So many wonderful memories!  We've played music there, driven his dad's old Mustang there, and Davis even proposed to me there.  It was our first time going back up to the chapel since I have been pregnant, which made it extra special. ;)

The chapel.  Such a lovely place, and pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.  Davy stumbled upon it one day when he was out driving in the mountains, and I am very glad he did. 

Cutie. <3 p="p">
I love the construction of the roof.

Being stealth...



Evelyn wanted to be in a picture too!

It was a very lovely and heart-warming day.  So very important to take the time to remember the most precious moments of your life!


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