Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Return of the camera: Farm News

Ok--got the battery charger and the memory card, and now my camera is back in working order.  FINALLY!

I thought I'd celebrate with a post about chickens.

Well, our chickens.  And their new house (which is not entirely finished yet, but it works).

Here it is!
You will notice the door is being held shut with a small 2x4.  It will have a latch, I promise. ;)  There will also be a screened vent at the top front--we had left the space open until we could finish it, but chickens were flying out, so we had to cover it up with an extra board for now.  The chickens seem to be very happy with their new dwelling, and I am very happy that they are no longer in my kitchen or on my front porch!

 Here are our lovely ladies and their gentleman friend. :)  They are about 3 months old now, and will probably begin laying in the next month or two.

Aren't they pretty?

The rooster is bigger, lighter in color, and has his comb and wattle already.

 This is my lovely new mineral feeder!  Remember that video I posted a few days ago?  Well, this is how mine turned out.  I am very happy with it so far.  

 I bought four shiny new water buckets for the animals and Rousseau has already started chewing them up.  I even sprayed them with "Yuck" spray (basically rosemary oil).  I suppose her need to destroy things is strong enough to withstand foul tastes.  ERRRR.

 Desmond got a hair cut a little over a month ago!  Poor fella was so hot--he did not shed out his winter coat like Rousseau did.  You can't tell in this picture, but he kinda looks like a lion--he wouldn't let the groomer go near his head.  

 In this picture the chickens had followed me back up on the porch.  They thought I was going to feed them.  Silly chickens--you have to eat lots of bugs first!  You know the deal.

(We let our chickens out in the morning and feed them in the evening so that they can roam around and eat buggies all day). :)

And that's about it as far as farm news goes.  Planning to breed the goaties next month--very excited about that!  Oh, and I have to find a home for Truitt--he has gotten a little too aggressive lately, and what with those horns, I am nervous about having him around our new baby.  

Next post: My thrifted and re-covered glider!  Whoop!


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