Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fondant and A Maternity Coat

I am throwing a baby shower for a dear friend of mine next weekend, and decided to make these adorable fondant-frosted cupcakes:

(sorry, I cannot find the original source for this picture!)

 I used the Martha Stewart chocolate buttermilk cupcake recipe [here] and an easy marshmallow fondant recipe [here].  Having never made or worked with fondant before, I thought it might be wise to do a test run.  Glad I did!  

Here was my first attempt at fondant-ing a cupcake:

Ugh!  Yeah, no.

Attempt #2 turned out much better.  In fact, the rest of the batch all turned out pretty good.

Then I had some fun with the fondant! :D

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!  It was so fun.  Edible play-doh!  This cupcake is for my lovely sister Sylvie's birthday.  She turned 12 today. :)

 So, on to the maternity coat!  I couldn't find a pattern that I *loved*, so I decide to just design one for myself. :)  Here is my inspiration:

I forgot to scan in my sketches, so I'll do that later.  For now, here are a few pics of the bodice muslin and the distressed rose-colored twill I am going to use for the coat. 

The coat will have a peter pan collar, straight sleeves, and a bottom section that is slightly gathered under the bust to accommodate baby and is straight in the back.  Inset pockets, and biggish brown buttons down the front.   I am psyched. 

Well, I am off to feed my poor animals, who unfortunately took the back burner to my fondant adventures today and are probably pretty hungry.  ;)  Have a lovely weekend!


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Lizzy said...

I want to eat those cupcakes! the coat is very nice, please show us your version when you have it