Monday, June 11, 2012


Davis and I are officially raising chickens!  

They are Plymouth Barred Rocks.  Great dual-purpose chickens--wonderful layers AND great for meat.  I originally just wanted chickens for eggs, but Davy has become interested in raising them for meat as well, which is dandy with me.  I'm afraid to eat most of the meat that you can buy in grocery stores nowadays.

My family bought an incubator and hatched these 5 little cuties for us.  They had a great hatching--10 out of 13 hatched!  Unfortunately they were mostly roosters.  Ah well!

We haven't named them all yet, but we do have a Lima Bean (Davis) and a Lou Lou (me).  Davis wants to name one Turd Butt.  He is such a boy.

This is what they will look like full-grown.  Isn't that beautiful?

Do any of you raise chickens?  If so, what kind do you raise?


P.S. Dean Martin, anyone? :D This is one of my favorites. 


Fräulein.Perlon said...

i like the names. what is with
Willy Wonka ;) ??

Hazàel M. said...

We used to raise chickens. We had Rhode Island Reds and some other breed of chicken. They were standard white chickens -- nothing fancy. We used them for eggs and meat, too. The egg collecting was fun, but I didn't like the slaughtering part. Then again, I was young and one of the headless chickens chased me.

Bessie M. said...

Hazael--Wow, if I was chased by a headless chicken I think I'd shy away from the slaughtering part too. That is a slightly traumatizing ordeal!