Monday, June 25, 2012

The Chicken Whisperer

So as much as my husband claims that he does not like animals, he sure does seem to have a way with them.  Our two dogs adore him and will do anything he says, while they (ahem, Rousseau) jump all over me.  The goats even like him--although I think I am still their favorite. :D
 Well now it seems that he has a way with chickens too!

He came home the other day to a wife who was about to, well, be violent to the chickens.  I had a horrible headache, and had been listening to this constant loud chirping all day long.  I was over it.  I think pregnancy has made me less patient.
 Davis simply sat down next to the brooding box and gave them a little talking to, and VOILA!  Silence!  Ever since that afternoon they have been nothing but pleasant!  

I don't know what he said, but it worked.  I have a whole new respect for him now.  My husband, the chicken whisperer.


In other news, I am about ready to embark on a new project!  I want to make this dress:

With some lovely yellow feedsack-patterned rayon that I have had sitting around for a couple of years.   Yay!  The dress looks very simple to put together.  Plus, no zippers!  The front panel snaps at the sides. You sew on several snaps at 2" or so intervals so that throughout the pregnancy you can gradually widen the belly.  

I am also still working on that darned bathing suit.  I have picked it back up now, so hopefully it will be done shortly!

Last, but not least, I will be listing new patterns on Etsy every week this summer, so be sure to check out the shop frequently!  I may also be doing some special sales---perhaps one or two just for my followers!  Whoop!

Hope you are all enjoying your June so far.  Have a great day!


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