Thursday, March 1, 2012

My First Milking

It was an exciting day--today I milked Buttercream for the first time!  I forgot to separate Hana last night so that she wouldn't nurse this morning, so I didn't milk out much.  It was a start, anyway!

First I sterilized my equipment, via these instructions from Fias Co Farm.  I bought all of my milking supplies from Hoegger Goat Supply

My milking supplies include:

1 Milking pail
1 Strip cup (for the first few streams of milk out of each teat)
1 Strainer
Box of filters for strainer
Mason Jars w/lids and rings
Clean towels

The mason jars that I am going to be using are recycled Classico pasta sauce jars.  They are a nice shape and size, and the standard Bell jar lids and rings fit them perfectly.  I like how they have the liquid measurements on the side.  Publix often has Classico sauce BOGO; Davy and I pick a couple up anytime they do.

This is the strainer.  You place this on top of your jar, insert a little filter, and pour the milk through.  This strains out any hairs or dirt that may have fallen into the milk bucket while milking.

I wanted to get some pics of the actual milking process, but...well, let just say that was a little difficult, especially since Buttercream was real antsy.  Perhaps next time I can talk Davy into taking some action shots for me. ;)

Fast forward about 30 minutes...

Here is the milk pain immediately after milking.  I obviously need to work on my aim!  

And here is the fresh, creamy milk straining into my sterilized mason jar.  Since I didn't put Hana up last night, I only got about 4oz of milk today.  I probably could have milked out more, but Buttercream would have none of it and I couldn't find my goat hobble.  She and I are both learning how to work together in this.  Hopefully we'll get the hang of it soon!  

Here is the strainer post-straining--see the hair and debris? Definitely don't want to drink that...

After letting the milk set in the refrigerator for a few hours, I tried some.  Wow!  It was absolutely delicious!  Creamy and sweet and wonderful.  I'm sold!  Davis and I are both sensitive to cows milk, so I am crossing my fingers that this will be a good substitute.


In other news, here are some recent thrift store finds that I thought you guys would appreciate!

Some vintage cherry red ornaments--$0.25

 And a lovely vintage tablecloth--only $0.50!


 Last, but not least, here are some pics of little Hana from today.  She was two weeks old yesterday, and weighs 10.2lbs!  I had a hard time getting very clear pictures, as she is a bit of a wiggle worm, but these will give you a basic idea of how much she has grown over the past couple weeks.  Isn't she pretty?

(She was just recently disbudded, hence the purple spots)

Oh, and Irma is on day 140, I think!  Ten days away from her "due date".  AH!


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Clare R said...

Hana is such a super-cute! *smiles* God bless!