Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Goats and New Sewing Patterns

First of all, Irma has molted nearly all of her fleece.  I was not expecting her to, as her previous owners had her shorn twice a year and I figured she must take after the Angora side in that way (Nigoras usually molt in the spring).   


Anyway, she looks very...interesting.

Dave must be teething because every time I try to take a picture of him I seem to catch him chewing on the metal gate.  Perhaps he just likes the taste? ;)

Hana is a little glutton like her momma.  She is a cutie pie, and just gets prettier by the day.  Unfortunately she is also a wiggle-worm, and it seems that the only pictures I can get of her are when she is eating.   To say that Hana likes to eat is an understatement.

Eating grain that fell on the ground...(I promise I feed my goats)

Irma thought she'd grab some, too.

Eating her mother's grain out of the red bucket.

On another note, I got some new patterns in the mail today!  Whoop!!!  Here is a sampling...

Most of these will be going in the Etsy shop.  Not this one, though:

I am going to make this for myself this summer.  :D

Have a blessed day!



sorbetsurprise said...

EEK I am excited by seeing that amount of patterns in one place!

Rebecca said...

OMG Dave is just the cutest little goat!