Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Flowers

Oh. My. Gosh.

Sarah is getting married this weekend, and we have been working on completing all the decorations and such.  True to Sarah form, she decided to go a bit untraditional in the flower arrangements...and make them entirely out of crepe paper.  I stopped by the house today to help with wedding prep and saw the completed flowers/bouquets today for the first time.  I was absolutely floored.  They are GORGEOUS!

I believe Sarah derived her inspiration from Martha Steward Weddings, which has some great ideas and templates for making your own crepe paper flowers.  Good old Martha Stewart. :)

Here are some pictures of the flowers she has made thus far (she crafted her own wedding bouquet and all of the buttoniers), plus some pics of my own attempts (I was assigned the peonies that will go at the end of each row of chairs).  Enjoy!

Buttoniers :

Sarah's Bouquet (AH!):

Extras for decorating tables:

Flowers in progress:
Roses and Tulips


My finished peonies:

Mom's finished rose:

The crepe paper is so fun to work with.  It reminds me a bit of fabric--pliable and mold-able.  In order to make the flowers look more realistic, you actually stretch and shape the petals.  Isn't that cool?

This picture has nothing to do with flowers, but I think it is pretty great.  Thanks Fifi!

Have a fantastic day!


Steven Maierson said...

This post fills me with joy and sadness. I hate not being able to experience this with you all, but, I also know it simply wasn't possible (not if you want me actually awake during the wedding!) what with my moving and everything else, /sigh.

Oh well, it'll be a wonderful day and I pray all goes just as planned.

Bessie M. said...

We wish you could be here too, Steven!