Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh no!

I have so many things I want to post about...

~Bought a few hundred vintage patterns the other day from a lady on a farm in south Georgia
~Making a honeymoon dress for my sister -- very cute!
~Our two new dogs, Desmond and Rousseau (yes, we love Lost!)
~My temporary sewing room
~Growing herbs

...and much more.  Unfortunately, I have lost my camera.  AH!

Sigh.  Alas.  Certainly I will find it soon...



Steven Maierson said...

Wait, wait, wait! Am I reading this write? You aren't writing about things because you have no visual evidence of what is occurring!?

Scandalous! One who writes needs not rely on visuals! A writer uses their words to craft visuals, to represent the form, flow, and feeling; to create a picture in the minds eye! You can do it! Worry not for the camera and write away!

Bessie M. said...


I agree completely...except that I so want to show pictures of the processes of my crafts and such. I will most likely write a few picture-less posts, though, and fill in the photos later. ;)

Thank you for your admonishment! It has been gratefully received.