Friday, October 15, 2010

The Man Shirt

My First Man Shirt

Pattern Used:

The fabric I used was a nice, thick, soft flannel plaid.  It washed really well, and is super warm!  Here are pics of the front and back:

 The buttonholes (which I realize you cannot see here) are hand-worked, and the buttons are vintage.

I made a tag for the inside.  I've always wanted to do this, but keep forgetting until it is too late in the construction stage to add it!  For this one I embroidered a bit of linen, edged it with some brown piping, and sewed it onto the yoke facing before stitching everything together.

The cuff buttons might just be my favorite thing about this man-shirt.  They are antique copper buttons, with a touch of oxidation here and there.  I found a whole bunch of these in my huge jar of estate sale buttons.  Doesn't the copper contrast nicely with the blues in the plaid?

As per the pattern instructions, I used flat-felled seams for the sides and underarms of the shirt.  I think they turned out nicely!  This was the first time that I had tried flat-felled seams--I usually do French seams on blouses (which can be over-doing things a bit, depending on the fabric, but I like the way they look).

So there you have it!  I really enjoyed this sewing project, partly because it was fun sewing something boxy and plaid (I think working with plaids is the bomb), and partly because I was making it for someone that I care about.   

Have a fantastic Saturday--and pray for me...math finals this weekend!


Refugee Crafter said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog tonight. I was feeling a little nervous about my dress so your comment meant a lot.

Way to go on the man shirt. The details are amazing. I'm kind of terrified of menswear.

Good luck on your tests!

Nathalie said...

Lovely plaid shirt! It looks so warm and comfy, and the 'on the grain/ on the bias' contrast works really well. I've used that pattern to make a summer shirt (i.e. the other view). I was a bit anxious at first as it was my first time using it and I never make muslins, but it went together like a dream and the result was great. Looking at yours, I think the 'summer' view is easier though, as it doesn't require flat-felled seams!

KibitzKnitz said...

YAY!! Matched plaid is awesome. You did a great job!

Hope said...

it looks great Bessie!!